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Lowe and Young provides the very best tractor guidance systems in the industry backed by the very best service. Lowe and Young’s Precision Farming Team is committed to keeping up with the latest technology and they have the knowledge and hands-on experience to make sure you get the most out of your guidance system.

Today, Agriculture demands improved productivity and efficiency. Cutting costs, saving time and ensuring the entire agricultural enterprise is more efficient and accountable, is essential to compete in domestic and global markets.

Our Precision Farming specialist is Jonathan Hofstetter at (330) 262-6111 EXT.214 (EXT.314 After Hours) or

What GPS system best fits my operation?

The best way to answer this question is to think about or make a list of what you want to use a GPS for. Then ask yourself where you want to be in the next 5 to 10 years with GPS guidance? This will lead you to the best display/system for your operation.

guidance trimbleManual guidance

  • Auto Steer or Assisted Steering
  • Planting/Drilling
  • Spraying
  • Tillage
  • Dry Fertilizer/Manure Spreading
  • Liquid Manure Application
  • Yield Mapping(Moisture and Yield)
  • Strip Till
  • Harvesting/Row Guidance
  • Telematics
  • Variable Rate Application
  • Section Control
  • Vehicle Sync.


Now ask yourself how accurate do I need to be?

Options in accuracy start with WAAS, you will see 6 – 8 inch pass to pass accuracy. WAAS works well with Spraying, Tillage, Dry Fertilizer/Manure Spreading, Drilling Beans and Wheat, and Combining Beans and Wheat. With WAAS our repeatable accuracy could be 3 feet from where you stopped the previous day in a field. So WAAS doesn't give you the repeatable accuracy that is needed for row crop operations.

The next step in accuracy is Omnistar XP/HP. With XP you can see 3 – 5 inch pass to pass accuracy, this does require an annual or 3 month subscription. With HP you can see 2 – 4 inch pass to pass accuracy, this also requires an annual or 3 month subscription. Omnistar does give you a little better repeatable accuracy than WAAS. It can take up to 30-40 minutes when first starting and if signal is lost due to trees it can take up 20 minutes to get it back again. There are some other options with omnistar please contact us for other options. One option is to add Glonass (Russian) Satellites.

Another option you have is RTX. With 1.5 inch pass to pass accuracy. You can receive this correction via a satellite if your in the central part of the US. You have another option to receive it through a modem in the tractor. RTX does get you accurate enough for row crop operation. This still can take 30-40 minutes when first starting. One adavantage with RTX is it covers a larger area than a RTK or VRS network.

The most reliable step in accuracy comes with using RTK(Real Time Kinematic). Row crop operations planting corn, strip tilling, vegtable operations. With RTK your pass to pass accuracy is 1 inch. It also gives you repeatable accuracy of 1 inch, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year for the next several years. Unlike WAAS and Omnistar, RTK gives us a correction closer to your fields. You can receive a RTK correction from a base station on your farm within 8 mile radius, line of sight, through a radio signal and you can achieve sub Inch accuracy. In areas with trees and/or rolling hills this signal can become unreliable due to the need of being in line of sight. Another solution is RTK/VRS. In the state of Ohio we have a VRS(Virtual Reference Station) network of towers put up by the State of Ohio and ran by ODOT. With adding a modem in the tractor we can log in to the state computer server over the internet through a cellular data plan and receive our RTK correction. A repeatable and pass to pass accuracy of 1 inch. This is dependant on cell phone data coverage in your area. We have been having good success with Verizon.

An option you will see with Omnistar, RTX, and RTK is to add Glonass(Russian) satellites. This will increase your satellite visibility, you will see more satellites. This helps in parts of the day when satellite visibility is low to be able to keep running. Glonass will not improve accuracy; it will just help maintain your accuracy while you are running. See charts below showing number satellites viewable in a 24 hour period and notice the difference between without Glonass and with Glonass.



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