Does PLM have a return on my investment

Does Precision Land Management have a return on my investment?

By adding a GPS display and row clutches to your corn planter you can eliminate overlap in planting acres.  Below is a quick way to explore how automatic section control saves on inputs. You can insert your own corn acres and % of overlap you have.  The odder the shape of field the more overlap potential there is.  Some of the odder shaped fields can have 8% or more of overlap.  Yield reduction percentage allows to calculate for lower yields in double planted or overlapped acres.  We have seen on yield monitors on average of 50% lower yield in double planted or overlap acres.

Overlap Acres

Total Corn Acres 250 acres X % of Overlap 5% = 12.5 acres over planted or double planted

Yield lost in Overlap Acres that are double planted

Overlap Acres 12.5 X 170 bu/acre (Avg. Yield/Acre) X 50% yield reduction from double planting =

1062.50 Bushels Lost due to overplanting X $3.25/bushel = $3453.13 Profit Lost due to double planting

Seed Savings

Overlap Acres 12.5 / 2.5 acres/bag @ (32,000 pop.) = 5 Extra Bags used

5 Extra Bags X $250.00/bag = $ 1250.00 Extra Seed Cost

Yield Profit Lost $3453.13

Seed Savings $1250.00

 = $4703.13 Total Payback in Year 1

This savings pays for a New GPS display.

What about Year 2, 3 and on?


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