Does PLM have a return on my investment

Does Precision Land Management have a return on my investment?

By adding a GPS display with electric drive or row clutches to your corn planter you can eliminate overlap. Shutting each row off when you drive into already planted area saves on seed and increases yield potential in the double planted area. Below is a quick way to explore how automatic section control saves on inputs. You can insert your own corn acres and % of overlap you have. The odder the shape of field the more overlap potential there is. Some of your odder shaped fields can have 8% or more of overlap. Yield reduction percentage allows you to calculate for lower yields in double planted areas. We have seen on yield monitors on average of 50% lower yield in those areas.

Overlap Acres

Total Corn Acres 250 acres X % of Overlap 5% = 12.5 acres over planted or double planted

Yield lost in Overlap Acres that are double planted

Overlap Acres 12.5 X 170 bu/acre (Avg. Yield/Acre) X 50% yield reduction from double planting =

1062.50 Bushels Lost due to overplanting X $3.25/bushel = $3453.13 Profit Lost due to double planting

Seed Savings

Overlap Acres 12.5 / 2.5 acres/bag @ (32,000 pop.) = 5 Extra Bags used

5 Extra Bags X $250.00/bag = $ 1250.00 Extra Seed Cost

Yield Profit Lost $3453.13

Seed Savings $1250.00

 = $4703.13 Total Payback in Year 1

This savings pays for a New GPS display.

What about Year 2, 3 and on?


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