How does GPS work?

Our Precision Land Management or PLM GPS systems use the USA satellite system to operate tractors, sprayers, combines and other implements in the field.  In addition to the USA satellite system we can view other satellite systems for example Russian (Glonass), Galileo and BeuDou.  Not all receivers are able to view multiple satellite systems. Within the US satellite system, we can read multiple signals per satellite.  We can read the L1, L2 and L5 signals. The more signals per satellite we can read as well as the more satellites we have in view allow us to maintain our signal longer.  Maintaining GPS signal is key to reliability while in the field, which is what our receivers excel at.

We need 5 satellites to receive our initial correction signal and need to maintain at least 4 satellites to continue to operate in the field.  We also need to maintain our correction signal.  The correction signal allows you to operate within inches of accuracy or down to 1-inch accuracy while in your fields.  The closer the correction signal is to your farm the more accurate you can be with your PLM GPS system. 

The correction signal can be delivered different ways to your GPS receiver.  What correction signal you are on determines the accuracy you are operating at while in your fields.  The WAAS correction signal is a satellite delivered correction signal.  Your antenna needs to be able to view the WAAS satellite which is over the equator.  The PLM RTK+ correction signal comes from a Base Station at our store location that is connected to the internet and is downloaded to your tractor over the internet.  In our area wherever we have cellular data coverage we can have an PLM RTK+ correction signal.  Verizon has proven to have the most reliable coverage in our area.  We sell Verizon Wireless data plans from our store.  We use a modem to download the PLM RTK+ correction signal to the GPS display or now a device with a data plan and hot spot ability.

Having the internet in the tractor cabs gives you your RTK correction signal as well as allows for remote diagnostics and data transfer wirelessly to your personal devices or home computer.

How Accurate is GPS

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