Trimble Steering

There are steering options to fit your steering needs. Trimble started by utilizing hydraulic or integrated steering systems for tractors and other farm machinery. The Trimble Auto Pilot has the ability to plug into tractors that are factory auto steer ready.

There are also many hydraulic steering kits which add a hydraulic valve to make a tractor Auto Pilot ready. Trimble utilizes electric steering motors to be used on tractors that are not Auto Pilot ready or smaller and no option is available for Auto Pilot. The EZ Steer has been around a long time and has many kits for many different models and colors of tractors. The XCN-750, XCN-1050 and XCN-2050 Trimble displays can run the EZ Steer.

The EZ Pilot steering motor had become a proven electric steering motor that performs. There are many kits for tractors, sprayers and other machinery and colors. The original EZ Pilot system is available for XCN-750, XCN-1050 and XCN-2050.

The EZ Pilot has been further developed in the the EZ Pilot Pro and the Autopilot Motor Drive Electric Steering Systems. The XCN-750 can run the EZ Pilot Pro with the Nav. 500 gps receiver. You would need the Nav. 900 gps receiver for the Autopilot Motor Drive to work on XCN-750. The XCN-1050 comes with the Nav. 900 and XCN-2050 will run Autopilot Motor Drive with the Nav. III controller.

If you are looking for performance the Auto Pilot or Auto Pilot Motor Drive Systems perform at a high level. The EZ Pilot Pro is a between solution that is a step up from EZ Steer in performance. The EZ Steer remains a solid entry level solution.

A main feature of Trimble steering system is terrain compensation. This accounts for the terrain you are driving across and keeps you on your guidance line.

The new feature in steering is Next Swath end of row complete turning. Taking all the guess work out of finding your next pass in the field. If you want help in managing your headland turn add Next Swath to your Auto Pilot or AutoPilot Motor Drive system. A Rangepoint RTX signal is the minimum gps accuracy that Next Swath will work with. See below for pictures of the Steering Systems.


  • steering nav500
    Nav 500 Receiver & Steering Controller
  • steering EZsteersys
    EZ Steer Steering System
  • steering nav900
    Nav 900 Receiver & Steering Controller
  • steering EZpilotsys
    EZ Pilot, EZ Pilot Pro & Auto Pilot Motor Drive System
  • steering NavIIIcont
    Nav. III Controller


New Swath End of Row Turning

Click to see Next Swath in Action

steering NextSwathEndEnd of Row Turning with Nav. III or AutoPilot Motor Drive


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