Which GPS signal will fit my operation?

In looking at GPS signals we have some different options for you.  What you are using or want to use GPS for in the field will help in determining which GPS signal will work for you.  Whether being with in a few inches pass to pass in the field or needing year to year or with in the same year repeatable accuracy.  

Operations in the field like mowing hay, spraying, yield mapping, general tillage and spreading fertilizer maintaining a few inches pass to pass accuracy will work.  A signal like Rangepoint RTX or WAAS will work very well for these field operations.  The Rangepoint RTX signal has proven to be very reliable using Glonass and US satellite systems giving you good satellite visibility.  Rangepoint RTX and WAAS satellite signals are a satellite delivered correction signal.

Operations in the field like Planting, strip tilling, tramlines, drilling the PLM RTK+ signal gives that repeatable accuracy.  This GPS signal is delivered of the internet to the tractor cab.  Year after year in your fields you are within an inch accuracy.

The higher the level of accuracy the more overlap is eliminated which is your return on your investment by saving you inputs in time, seed and seed placement and fertilizer.  

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