Which GPS system best fits my farm?

Meet with us to talk about which display, steering system, planting/spraying/spreading controls, and harvesting systems best fit my operation.  What do you want to use GPS for in the next 5 – 10 years?  This will get you in the right display today to allow you to grow each year or in the next few years. 

In the future you may want to have the option to up grade your GPS signal to a higher accuracy.  You may want to add a steering system.  You may want to control a sprayer and have automatic section control.  You may want to control the rate of dry fertilizer.  Maybe you want to collect data, yield data in a combine.  Monitoring seed in a corn planter or grain drill.  Or automatic section control on a corn planter.  You may want to applying manure or fertilizer based on soil fertility or yield maps.  You may want to move your GPS display to different vehicles for specific operations in your fields.

Our PLM GPS systems are very adaptable to your operation.  The more we can learn about your operation the more we can show you how our PLM products can work for you by saving inputs.  Our PLM products includes GPS displays, GPS receivers, steering systems, flow and application systems, yield monitoring systems and computer software.  We sell OEM New Holland precision farming products that work with our New Holland tractors.  Our Fendt Tractors use OEM Vario Guide precision farming products for our Fendt Tractors.  Our Massey Ferguson tractor utilize TOP CON OEM solutions.  We also work with and sell Trimble aftermarket GPS systems that work on all colors of tractors and implements. 

We have our own PLM RTK+ base station providing 1-inch accuracy to our customers.  Our PLM RTK+ signal will work on many different receivers.  We provide Installation/Setup/Calibration of our GPS products.  In your fields on your farm training is part of purchases GPS products from us.  We provide support throughout the year.  Our newest displays allow us to have remote access to increase support and speeds up the trouble shooting process.  We continue to provide data management including yield maps, soil sampling maps and our drone imagery collection service.  Contact us today or stop in the store and see our Trimble products on our demo stand.

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