Fendt 311 Vario

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Fendt 300 Vario Spotlights. Special. Better.

A Fendt 300 Vario is characterized by its thoughtful design, down to the last detail. This latest generation includes four models—in Max hp from 113 to
152 hp—in three configurations from a base level package, Power, to a fully loaded version with Profi+. This overview shows the special Fendt solutions— our Fendt Spotlights—that make the difference and simply make your work better every day.

  1. VisioPlus™ cab: perfect all-round view
    The panoramic front windshield provides an unmatched view that's great for any application, but especially when using a loader.
  2. FendtONE™ driver's workstation—intuitive operation
    All controls units are centralized on the dashboard and armrest with a multifunction joystick. Customize the entire workstation with freely assignable buttons. Option to upgrade to fully integrated 12" terminals on the armrest and in the roof liner.
  3. Fendt DynamicPerformance: smart added power concept
    For greater area coverage and higher productivity. Extra power boost of up to 10 HP on the 314 Vario at any speed.
  4. Intelligence that Extends Beyond the Tractor
    The optional CargoProfi loader takes loader operation and comfort to a whole new level with dampening suspension, memory settings, and an integrated scale feature.
  5. Fendt Guide auto-steering for unrivaled productivity
    With SectionControl, VariableRateControl, Contour Assistant and TaskDoc®. Access the same innovative solutions across all your Fendt tractors.
  6. FendtONE™—seamlessly connecting machine and office
    FendtONE—new driver's operator area combines machine operation, communication and documentation with the office in one unit. 4 modules: Guidance System, Agronomy, Telemetry, Machine Control.
  7. Pull More, but Tread Lightly
    Soil compaction reduces yield—a fact that applies both to arable farming and grassland. Extensive tire options and the low weight-power ratio of the Fendt 300 Vario results in greater adaptability but lower soil compaction.  At just 11,045 lbs. or 73 lbs./hp, the Fendt 314 Vario makes a big impact without leaving one.
  8. Superior Comfort and Control
    Smart 4-in-1 system: self-leveling front axle suspension, optional mechanical or pneumatic suspension cab, active shock load stabilizing and Fendt Reaction steering.
  9. Dedicated, Customized Hydraulic Power
    Whether pulling a small planter or operating the loader, you have a 29 GPM dedicated pump to get the job done.
  10. High ground clearance for crop protection
    The Fendt 300 Vario offers a high ground clearance of up to 19.6 inches, making light work of special crop applications.


Model   311 Vario
Rated power ECE R 120 kW/hp 74/100
Rated power with DP ECE R 120 (approval rating) kW/hp  
Maximum power ECE R 120 kW/hp 83/113
Maximum power with DP ECE R 120 kW/hp  
No. of cylinders Number 4
Cylinder bore/stroke mm 108 / 120
Cubic capacity cm³ 4400
Rated speed rpm 2100
Max. torque at 1500 rpm Nm 497
Max. torque with DP at 1500 rpm Nm  
Torque rise % 48.3
Fuel level litres 210.0
AdBlue tank litres 23.0
Transmission and PTO    
Transmission type   ML 75
Speed range forward km/h 0,02-40
Speed range reverse km/h 0,02-25
Top speed km/h 40
Rear PTO   540/ 540E/1000
Rear PTO option (including ground speed PTO)   540/1000/4,2
Front PTO option   1000
Power lift and hydraulics    
Dual hydraulic pump l/min 46+38
Variable flow pump l/min 110
Working pressure / control pressure bar 200
Max. valves (front/centre/rear) Number 0/0/4
Max. valves available as an option (front/centre/rear) Number 1/0/3
Max. available hydraulic oil volume litres 43
Max. lift capacity of rear power lift daN 5960
Max. lift capacity of front power lift daN 3130
Front tyres (standard)   440/65R24
Standard tyres rear   540/65R34
1. Optional front tyres   480/65R24
1. Optional rear tyres   540/65R38
2. Optional front tyres   540/65R24
2. Optional rear tyres   600/65R38
Front track width (standard tyres) mm 1685
Rear track width (standard tyres) mm 1660
Overall width with standard tyres mm 2220
Overall length mm 4336
Overall cab height with standard tyres without VarioGuide mm 2820
Overall cab height with standard tyres with VarioGuide mm 2870
Max. ground clearance mm 510
Wheelbase mm 2420
Unladen weight (base tractor with cab - full tanks, without driver) kg 4850.0
Max. permissible overall weight kg 8500.0
Max. trailer hitch load kg 2000.0

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