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For decades, the name Fliegl has been synonymous with quality and sophisticated, practical solutions for the agricultural sector. As a result, Fliegl has established itself as Europe's leading manufacturer in the field of agricultural trailers, for example. Be it tippers, original push-off trailers, slurry technology or harvest logistics: Fliegl will always supply the perfect transport concept for your needs.

Push-Off Trailer
  • fliegl pushoff

    ASW push-off trailer

    The Fliegl push-off system combines and optimises the advantages of all known transport systems. The “Gigant” push-off trailer is ready to work for you all year round. For example, whether it’s grass or maize silage, potatoes, large bales, heavy materials or snow – its flexibility and pushing power are boundless. You will be particularly impressed by the safe and fast unloading of the push-off trailer

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  • fliegl aswFox

    ASW Fox Push-Off Trailer

    The Fliegl push-off system combines and optimises the advantages of all known transport systems. The Fox version of the "Gigant" push-off trailer is also a real all-rounder. With its proven push-off technology, it impresses every time it is used. A particularly interesting aspect is the high degree of standard equipment at an attractive price. This results from preconfigured vehicles with a great deal of equipment and accessories. Look forward to a vehicle with the proven Fliegl push-off technology and the best possible equipment.

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  • fliegl ass semi

    ASS Semi Trailer

    In aluminium or steel. The Fliegl push-off semi-trailers transport large-volume and heavy goods and load them in seconds. Whether it’s wood chips, pellets or grain, the push-off technology ensures a smooth and complete emptying. During the unloading process, the push-off offers excellent stability. Even on sloped ground, the risk of tipping is kept low.

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  • fliegl ADS single

    ADS Manure Spreader

    Fliegl's ADS push-off manure spreader combines the patented Fliegl push-off technology with powerful spreader mechanisms for solid manure application. It works precisely, is low maintenance and durable. Even on steep terrain, the ADS travels and distributes safely - thanks to its low centre of gravity and wide track. A hydraulic drawbar suspension ensures maximum travel comfort. Mud guards are included in the 40 km/h version.

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  • fliegl asw attc

    ASW Attachments

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  • fliegl loadsecuring

    Load Securing

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