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Gleaner 9255-35

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Heavy-Duty Reel Assembly

In order to improve feeding in any condition, the 9255 offers a completely redesigned larger and sturdier 6-bat single-piece reel assembly. This new reel assembly is designed to move heavy tangled crops gently onto the draper belts without wrapping for smooth, efficient feeding.

This is the same reel found on the Hesston built 5300 draper header where smooth, consistent windrow formation is paramount in heavy tangled crops like canola.

Flywheel Sickle Drive

The 9255 is equipped with a mechanical driven flywheel sickle drive gearbox. This drive system utilizes a gearbox with a flywheel rather than a gearbox with swinging counterbalance weight found in a traditional wobble box to maintain cutterbar speed and momentum. The new design adds strength to the drive system, improving reliability to maximize up time.

Additionally the flywheel design allows the width of the end skid and header end panel to be decreased compared to previous models, approximately 3” on each end. This decrease in width reduces damage and loss in uncut standing crop as the header passes by.

Single Height Skid Design

We've integrated a 5 degree tilt into the cutter bar on the 9255. This means as the header is tipped forward to achieve a low cut, the cutter bar itself runs flatter in relation to the ground. Running flatter in relation to the ground minimizes the chances of the sickle impacting field hazards, as well as reduces the amount of foreign material pulled up onto the header maximizing up time.


Model 9255-35
Cutting Width ft (m) 35 (10.7)
Cutter Bar High Capacity or SCH
Cutter Bar Float in (mm) 8 (203.2)
Cutter Bar Drive Dual Mechanical

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