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Massey Ferguson 1376

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The 1376 offers commercial-grade, side-pull mowing and conditioning thanks to the patented RazorEdge header. A modular, heavy-duty design adds durability, eliminating costly downtime. The drivetrain is designed to handle maximum loads at all times. The RazorEdge header features sealed bearings that don't require constant lubrication, no mater the slope of the terrain.

  • EFFICIENT RAZOREDGE CUTTING POWER:  The RazorEdge cutterbar has a low-profile spur gear design for efficient power transfer to the discs.
  • ADJUSTABLE WINDROW FORMATION:  Movable swath wings and swath board allow for precise windrow width.
  • CONDITIONER OPTIONS:  Options for conditioners include steel on steel (ideal for heavy crops and crimping plant stems instead of crushing them) and rubber on steel (less aggressive than steel on steel for light crops).
  • HEAVY-DUTY DRIVE:  A heavy-duty cast gearbox transfers power from the right angle gearbox to the conditioners.
  • CONDITIONER ROLL TENSIONING:  Conditioner rolls are tensioned hydraulically by an industry-exclusive system to provide even and consistent pressure on both sides of the top conditioner roll. The system bleeds the lift circuit pressure with a needle valve to set the desired pressure.
  • CENTER-PIVOT TONGUE:  A center-pivot tongue allows the mower to operate on either side of the tractor and follow behind during road transport.
  • HEADER FLOTATION:  Independent springs on each side adjust ground pressure for even terrain following and clean cutoff.


Model 1376
Cutting Width ft. (m) 9.75 (3)
PTO HP (KW) 75 (55)
Pull Center
Conditioner Options Steel Rubber, Tine
Cutterbar RazorEdge

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