Fendt 12130

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The basis for perfectly compressed bales
The crop pickup plays a decisive role in the performance of a baler. The 2.26 m wide pickup on the Fendt square balers ensures clean crop pickup from the very beginning. Then the centering augers guide the material effectively into the pre-compression chamber. This guarantees a high output.

Power Pickup for higher output
The powerful pickup is positioned low over the ground for excellent windrow pickup. A flat feed angle permits the crop to be guided straight into the baler. Characteristic for Fendt square balers is the large clearance between the draw-bar and the pickup – designed for large windrows.

Windrows picked up completely
The 2.26 meters wide pickup gently picks up even the widest windrows very quickly and with little loss. The new roller pressure pad and deflector ensure smooth crop flow. Four tine bars on a double cam track ensure the clean pickup. A large spiral spring, on which the working depth can be adjusted quickly and easily, reduces the load on the pickup. Gauge wheels prevent the pickup from being lowered too far. They can be removed for transport.

Uniformly shaped bales
Two centering augers on both sides compress the crop efficiently from the very beginning and feed it into the pre-compression chamber in the width of the channel. Uniform distribution of the material over the entire width means that bales are optimally compressed during the baling process, even on the outsides.

Longer life
Effective and robust. That is the motto that applies to the entire baler. On the pickup, this is evident in the cam track, which is supported and guided on both sides. This guarantees safe and smooth running. The tines, which are permanently subjected to high loads, have been additionally strengthened and hardened. The frame and the bale chamber have also been reinforced, so the Fendt square balers can stand up to the highest pressure without a problem.

  • Additional centering augers ensure uniform crop pick up and optimal filling of the pre-compression chamber.
  • A new roller pressure pad and a large deflector plate ensure uniform crop flow into the baler.
  • The lowering height is set without tools, simply by lifting the pickup and inserting a splint in the desired hole.
  • The gauge wheels prevent the pickup from lowering too far and ensure clean crop pickup. They can be removed for transport.
  • The 128 tines ensure the crop is picked up completely.

Xtra Density – the high-output baler
35 percent heavier main gearbox
In order to achieve a higher bale weight with a higher throughput, many things have been optimized in the XD. Strengthening the drives, such as the main gearbox, chains and gears stood in the foreground during development. In particular, the new XD flywheel, which weighs 545 kg, is almost twice as heavy as the standard version. New plunger arms ensure safe transfer of the higher forces. All together, this makes it possible to exert more force on the plunger. The counter piece, the bale chamber, also has several improvements that increase friction. These include a 40-cm longer bale chamber, stronger hydraulic cylinders and optimized bale chamber flaps. Another example would be that the turning point of the side walls has been positioned further back to generate more friction on the sides.

Extra heavy
The lowest possible transport cost per kilogram crop is one of the most important yardsticks for profitable farming. Fendt offers the perfect solution for this – the new Xtra Density square balers. Completely reinforced drive-lines and enhanced stability of the bale chamber enable up to 20 percent heavier bales than standard models.

More weight – lower costs
The benefit of more weight per bale is in the savings in costs per bale. More weight means fewer bales and less time required to collect the bales in the field, as well as higher utilization for transport and savings in storage capacity. The Fendt 1290 XD offers you more economy.

Typical Fendt – everything is taken care of
At Fendt, innovations are not only found in key technology, but also in the details and the ease of maintenance. The large bonnets permit perfect access to the machine for maintenance work. When it turns dark, additional lights under the bonnet aid the operator. In addition to the long-life design of the chain and drives, the automatic knotter lubrication and new automatic chain lubrication are further maintenance-friendly features of the square baler. A hydraulically actuated bale ejector and foldable bale chute facilitate bale handling.

With a transport speed of up to 60 km/h, operators move ahead faster. An optionally available hydraulic support foot is available, which makes hooking and unhooking the baler even easier. Fendt has an answer for reducing soil compaction. With 620/40-22.5 tires, the machine now has a larger contact area on the field and remains under a transport width of 3.30 m. The large tires are combined with a tandem steering axle for fast and short turning maneuvers. The steering axle is also gentle on the grass sward when making turns in grassland.

  • Ease of maintenance was a main focus during the development of the Fendt square balers. Large opening side panels and grease-sealed bearings significantly reduce the time required for maintenance.
  • The steerable tandem axle with new optional 620/40-22.5 tires guarantees a large contact area and a high degree of maneuverability.
  • The optional hydraulic support foot permits easy and fast hooking and unhooking to the tractor.
  • Automatic chain lubrication of all the most important main drive chains is new. The lubrication intervals can be conveniently set via the terminal.
  • The hydraulic bale ejector and hydraulic foldable bale chute require a minimum of time when changing to road transport.
  • Pre-wiring and a camera port in the terminal are standard. This permits a camera to be installed at the end of the baling chamber, where it provides a convenient view all around the machine.


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