Fendt katana 85

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Precision is when one achieves maximum performance every time and everywhere.
The more varied the conditions, the more the Fendt Katana forage harvesters can play to their strengths. When working in grassland, it does not matter, if the terrain slopes, the ground is soft or the crop has different degrees of moisture. The Katana can manage all harvesting volumes. The huge cutterhead and the six feed rollers can process the highest yields with the best chop quality.

The Fendt Katana forage harvester also gains momentum in maize operations. Tirelessly they work their tracks. Powerful and precise, they guarantee the highest, homogeneous quality of the chopped material in any crop and in any cutting length. There is no better way to process maize to a biogas substrate or fodder.

Unearthly power on any kind of ground.
Intelligent and standard: the four-wheel drive of the Fendt Katana forage harvester with anti-slip control for the individual wheel motors on the front axle. The differential gearbox for the suspended rear axle is driven by a hydraulic motor, where an automatic differential lock ensures the best traction when the difference in speed is too high. An HD ground drive with strong motors on the front and rear axles is available as an option for the Katana 65 for more power, torque and traction. The HD ground drive is integrated in the Katana 85 as standard specification. The result: excellent ride comfort in any terrain.

Factory-installed HD wearing parts set
Wear-resistant HD components are available for the crop flow system. This way you can prolong the lifetime of wearing parts and achieve greater operational reliability during the harvest.

Precision from above
The Fendt Vario technologies make you faster and more precise than ever. The new Fendt VarioGuide guidance system steers your Fendt Katana in two accuracy levels, +/- 20 cm and +/- 2 cm, thereby maximising area coverage. You have a choice of two different receivers and correction services. Parallel to that, the VarioDoc documentation system records all relevant data and immediately provides valuable information, from yield mapping to fuel consumption.

Modular & lightweight: the new tank concept
The new tanks on the Fendt Katana forage harvester not only have a high capacity – their modular and rugged plastic construction also spares a considerable amount of weight. Choose between 1225 l diesel tank with 205 l AdBlue tank or 1010 l Diesel, 205 l AdBlue and 215 l water or additive tank in the Katana 65. Or decide for the Katana 85 with alternately 1430 l diesel tank or 1215 l diesel and 215 l water or additive tank. Either way you profit from the comfort of the new tank concept: the filler necks for diesel and AdBlue are located on the left side where they are easily reached.


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