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Front or rear-mounted mower? As long as it’s a Fendt Cutter.

To make sure that you really harvest nothing but the best quality forage in any situation, there are two front-mounted variants available for the Fendt Cutter. The version with the oscillating linkage adapts itself ideally to uneven ground by pivoting side to side. It delivers perfect cutting results, especially in combination with the load relief front linkage control on the Fendt tractor. The front-mounted drum mower on the head-stock with trailing linkage convinces through its three-dimensional adaptation to the ground. It is gentle to the grass sward and ensures your harvest is free of contamination in any situation.

You can also choose from two different versions of the rear-mounted Fendt Cutter. Either the three-point side mounted mower and spring relief for low pressure on the ground, or the three-point center mounted mower and TurboLift system. In any case, the performance and harvest results of the Fendt Cutter drum mowers will convince you non-stop.

Front-mounted oscillating linkage
Depending on the version, the front-mounted mower with oscillating linkage has enough clearance to pivot up to +/– 5° in the side-to-side direction. The centralized adjustment of the swath disc gives you a variable swath width and therefore an efficient interplay between the rear-mounted mower and loader wagon. The protective cover opens wide and the side guards fold up providing a combination of both safety and accessibility.

Thanks to optimal adaptation to the ground in the side-to-side direction, the front-mounted version with oscillating linkage achieves the best mowing results in sloped terrain.

Front-mounted head-stock with trailing linkage
Precise and gentle mowing of meadows, even ones with a lot of unevenness, is one of the strengths of the front-mounted head-stock. You profit from the wide, torsion-resistant support frame which permits a fore-to-aft and side-to-side pivot angle of up to 25°. It allows you to tackle undulating terrain confidently and the forage always stays clean, even at high working speeds.

The front-mounted mower with head-stock and attachment that lies far forward, saves fuel and power.

Rear three-point side-mounted
For an even more efficient harvest, combine your Fendt Cutter front-mounted mower with a rear three-point side mounted mower. When going from mowing to on-road driving, you can switch from working to transport position from the comfort of the driver seat. The flexible track adjustment – e.g. for combination with different tractors or tire sizes – is done by adjusting the lower link pins.

  • The Fendt Cutter with rear three-point center mount delivers first-class mowing results in all positions.
  • Full utilization of the working width through adjustable lower link pins.
  • The swath guidance assembly with 2 swath discs each on the right and left sides, enables swath widths starting from 1.10 m.
  • The mower can be swung in behind the tractor from the comfort of the driver seat.

Rear three-point center-mounted
The Fendt Cutter is also available as a rear center-mounted mower. Since it is attached in the center of gravity, it is especially gentle on the soil and saves fuel. At the headlands, the mower can be raised and lowered easily with a control unit. The contact pressure can be infinitely adjusted via the TurboLift system, even while driving, and requires no tools. And for transport, you simply swing the mower unit upwards or 90° towards the back.

  • Extremely easy to pull when mowing, especially safe when raising at the headlands thanks to the lock cylinder: the high-performance rear three-point center mount mower.
  • Typical Fendt: readily visible and permanently color-coded hydraulic hoses.
  • A compensating cylinder prevents the mower unit from swinging at the headlands or when driving on the road.
  • Transport position: Simply fold up and drive off.

Superior operating comfort
Thanks to tried and proven technology and well thought-out details, the operating comfort of the Fendt Cutter is on par with its outstanding mowing performance. Whether for regular maintenance work, replacing worn parts or any possible repairs: All the important components are easy to access and can be maintained with minimum effort. The quick-release blade system, in particular, saves a lot of valuable time.


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