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Sheer joy: the versatile. Fendt Former hay rake line.
From a practical working width of 3.40 m to a gigantic 12.50 m – with the Fendt Former single and fourrotor hay rakes, you have all of your areas under control. Designed for high quality work through and through, the durable and easy-to-operate hay rakes do an excellent job of gathering the crop together for subsequent pick-up. They are gentle on the sward and, even on uneven ground, dirt stays where it belongs: on the field.

Whether side or central delivery: with the versatile Fendt Former two-rotor hay rakes, your forage always lands exactly where you want it, down to the very last blade. The side delivery hay rake can be converted to 2-swath deposit in a matter of seconds. Since all two-rotor models have a transport chassis with SteerGuard steering system, driving on roads and negotiating curves are a pleasure.

Raking quality pays off
Clean work results with the Fendt Former begins with well thought-out technology. That is why all models have tangentially arranged rotor arms, for an especially high level of in-field efficiency and raking quality. The multi-rotor hay rakes take these to an even higher level through their fully cardanic rotor suspension: thanks to flexible longitudinal and traverse tilt, the last blade is gently raked out of the field, even on uneven ground.

Adjustable cam track
Do you have changing operating, ground and forage conditions? With the Fendt Former you can adapt easily. How? Easy – quickly adjust the cam track rods, no tools are needed, and control the tines according to your needs. This changes the point in time that the tines are raised, prevents forage losses and optimises swath deposit. The longitudinal and transverse tilt of the rotor heads also play a major role here.

Efficiency as standard specification
The Fendt Former hay rake also delivers brilliant performance in terms of efficiency. With a low speed of only 450 rpm, they are fuel-efficient in operation, gentle on the forage and low-wearing. Tractor output starting at about 23 hp is already sufficient to drive the single rotor rakes. The closed construction of the rake heads and the high-quality materials make your Fendt Former particularly maintenance-friendly and durable.

Clean processing, durable materials, sophisticated details.
Anywhere you look on your Fendt Former rotary hay rake, you will find nothing but quality. This starts with the durable cam track made of unbreakable spheroidal graphite cast iron, over the large-sized bearing tubes of the high load-bearing rotor arms and ends with the maintenance-friendly, sealed rake heads. Beneath, between and all around: maintenance-free precision ball bearings, commercial vehicle grade adjustable track rod as well as steel rollers with ball bearings and permanent lubrication.

Working at the limit – and beyond
To make sure that you can always call up 110 percent performance from your Fendt Former during harvest time, we have made it even more durable in crucial areas. For the side and central delivery hay rakes, this means straight drivelines with overload protection and freewheeling clutches instead of tedious downtimes. The tines and the tine arms are elastic. If they should ever bend out of shape, e.g. by driving into an obstacle, the tine arms can be bent back into position without a problem in a cold state. Replacement is also very easy. Each tine is bolted onto the tine arm individually, so you only need to replace the affected tine – fast, and you do not need to remove the neighbouring tines.

Seamless quality
Tine arms & Tines bolted on the underside

  • The accurately fitting, highly stable tine arms with tines bolted on the underside, make replacing individual tines extremely easy – and forage does not stick to the smooth surface of the tube.


Freewheeling clutches

  • The drivelines of the Fendt Former side delivery hay rake feature long-life freewheeling clutches and overload protection.


Overload protection

  • The straight driveline on the central delivery hay rake also protects each rotor individually thanks to overload protection located near the rotor.



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