Fendt 514

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Ideal prospects for your farm.
The Fendt 500 has the high power ratings, flexibility, quality and efficiency to meet the demands of your farm. Wheather it is a large cattle or dairy operation, mid-sized grain farm, or hay production that defines your operation the Fendt 500 has the ability to adapt to meet the needs of your farm to increase the bottom line. Make your farm future-proof, with the Fendt 500 Vario, the tractor for all seasons.

500 Vario: Innovations and perfect modularity with multiple configuration options.

  • A whole range of assist systems: Deceleration assist, brake light assist, trailer auto steering
  • VarioGuide automated steering system with a choice of receivers and extensive correction service options
  • VarioGuide Contour Assitant
  • VariableRateControl (VRC): Control the application rate depending on your position
  • 100% ISOBUS-capable
  • Software update capability: Performance capacity that grows with your business
  • Increased rear axle load + 1 t compared to predecessor
  • Bar axle up to 2.5m
  • Save fuel with the 1000E PTO
  • SCR fuel-saving solution with passive CSF system, up to 50% less AdBlue
  • Varioterminal 7" and 10.4" with touch and key control
  • 300° windscreen wipers
  • New generation of LED working headlights for 35% more brightness – 48,500 lumens
  • 3 front power lift versions including relief control


500 Vario – Equipment bundles – Features – Profi – ProfiPlus


Almost all options available

  • Super Comfort seat* and Comfort passenger seat
  • Hydraulic pump with 110/158 l* flow volume
  • Hydraulic plugs max. 5/2*
  • Front cornerlights with halogen
  • 170 Ah battery
  • White painted roof
  • Automatic steering axle lock*
  • Double-acting rear power lift*




All options available

  • Varioterminal 10.4'' – touchscreen and key control
  • Documentation with TaskDoc
  • FendtGuide steering with multiple receiver options (Trimble/NovAtel)​
  • Slip control system using gears and GPS reading
  • VarioActive steering
  • Variable Rate Control (VRC)*
  • SectionControl*
  • Contour Assistant*



Model   514 Vario
Rated power ECE R 120 kW/hp 110/150
Maximum power ECE R 120 kW/hp 115/156
No. of cylinders Number 4
Cylinder bore/stroke mm 101/ 126
Cubic capacity cm³ 4038
Rated speed rpm 2100
Max. torque at 1450 rpm Nm 649
Torque rise % 38.0
Fuel level litres 298.0
AdBlue tank litres 31.0
Transmission and PTO    
Transmission type   ML 90
Speed range 1 km/h 0,02-28
Speed range 1 - reverse km/h 0,02-17
Speed range 2 km/h 0,02-50
Speed range 2 - reverse km/h 0,02-33
Top speed km/h 50
Rear PTO   540/ 540E/ 1000
Rear PTO option   540E/ 1000 /1000E
Front PTO option   1000
Power lift and hydraulics    
Variable flow pump l/min 75
Variable flow pump option 1 l/min 110
Variable flow pump option 2 l/min 158
Working pressure / control pressure bar 200+20
Max. valves (front/centre/rear) Power / Power Plus Number 1/0/4
Max. valves (front/centre/rear) Profi / Profi Plus Number 2/0/5
Max. available hydraulic oil volume litres 55
Max. lift capacity of rear power lift daN 7780
Max. lift capacity of front power lift daN 3420
Front tyres (standard)   480/70R28
Standard tyres rear   580/70R38
1. Optional front tyres   480/65R28
1. Optional rear tyres   600/65R38
Front track width (standard tyres) mm 1880
Rear track width (standard tyres) mm 1860
Overall width with standard tyres mm 2501
Overall length mm 4453
Overall cab height with standard tyres without VarioGuide mm 2965
Overall cab height with standard tyres with VarioGuide mm 3015
Max. ground clearance mm 530
Wheelbase mm 2560
Unladen weight (base tractor with cab - full tanks, without driver) kg 6400.0
Max. permissible overall weight up to 40 km/h country-specific exception approval required kg 10500.0
Max. permissible overall weight up to 50 km/h country-specific exception approval required kg 10500.0
Max. trailer hitch load kg 2000.0

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