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Mower combinations EasyCut B

  • EasyCut B 750, B 890, B 970 without conditioner
  • EasyCut B 950 Collect without conditioners but with merger augers
  • EasyCut B 870 CV and B 1000 CV with steel tine conditioner
  • EasyCut B 870 CR and B 1000 CR with roller conditioner
  • EasyCut B 870 CV Collect and 870 CR Collect, B 1000 CV Collect and B 1000 CR Collect with cross conveyor belts
  • Robust, yet lightweight design
  • Quick-change blades
  • SafeCut INSIDE: Individually protected discs
  • SmartCut for stripeless cuts
  • Combi Float: Uniform pressure across the full work width (Agritechnica Silver Medal)
  • Impact damage protection
  • Telescoping mower arms
  • Large work width, low transport height
  • Maximum operator comfort

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