Massey Ferguson DM306FZ Triple Mowers

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Cutting a 30’ 6” swath in a single pass is no easy task. That’s why our triple mower setup is designed to offer you an unmatched cut while minimizing component wear and down time.

  • Side shift left or right: The mowers can be hydraulically side shifted 8 inches to the left or right for more precision when cutting around corners.
  • Ready for the tough jobs: The front mower’s trailing link front suspension provides optimum flotation for adaptability to ground contours and rough terrain. You’ll get maximized cutting performance with reduced machine wear and tear. 
  • Quick and convenient storage: The rear mowers hydraulically fold up into a narrow, low profile transport position, allowing easy access to fields through narrow gates or on narrow roads where other mowers are too wide. 
  • Keep it centered: Our rear mower link arms attach in the middle on the front side of the mower frame, meaning the mowers are pulled instead of pushed. This center attachment improves flotation for an optimum cut and reduced cutterbar wear.

It’s simple, you need to cleanly cut crop and dry it down as quickly and inexpensively as possible. That’s why our DM series triple mower provides industry-leading features that allow you to maximize your efficiency and profits.

  • Time is money: In order to improve crop dry down time, our front and rear mowers have the ability to be equipped with tine conditioners. These conditioners are protected by shearbolts and may be installed or removed based on need.
  • It’s all in the fold: Front and rear mowers are equipped with a headland position to enhance mowing efficiency, allowing you to raise the mowers as needed to clear already-cut crop or obstacles.
  • Protect your investment: The front and rear mowers feature DriveGuard shear protection under each cutting disc, protecting all internal cutterbar components from damage. If an obstacle is hit, simply replace the DriveGuard disc and you’re back up and running. Rear mowers may swing up and rearward if an obstacle is hit providing further protection.
  • Less is more: If you’re looking to maximize efficiency when chopping silage or baling late season hay crops, look no further than our rear mower mergers. They combine three windrows into one for fewer passes across the field later on, increasing your efficiency and profit. 
  • A smooth cut: Our front and rear mowers utilize a shaft driven cutterbar comprised of individually segmented compact angular gear modules, giving you even power transfer and a quiet, smooth running machine.


Model DM306FZ
Type Front
Working Width: ft (m) 9'10" (3.0)
Minimum PTO HP requirement- no optional equipment 75
Base Mower Weight- W/O conditioner lb (kg) 2,051 (930)
Optional Equipment Tine Conditioner

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