Trimble provides solutions that solve complex technology challenges across the entire agricultural supply chain. Our solutions enable farmers to allocate scarce resources to produce a safe, reliable food supply in a profitable and environmentally sustainable manner. Covering all seasons, crops, terrains and farm sizes, Trimble precision agriculture solutions can be used on and with most equipment on the farm, regardless of the manufacturer.

  • display EZguide250


    The EZ Guide 250 is an entry level display and covers all the basic Precision Farming needs. It comes as a complete kit for manual or lightbar guidance. After setting up your implements the display will paint or log coverage showing you were you applied a material or made a pass in the field. Following the lightbar guides you through the field while you are manually steering your tractor. You can add an EZ Steer steering system to give you steering saving on overlap and inputs in your fields. You will use less fertilizer, seed, fuel and time in your operation. This system will also feed speed or a GPS signal out to another controller if needed as well. The 250 can run the WAAS correction signal.

  • display XCN750


    This is a new level system priced right when combined with Nav. 500 receiver. A Complete kit for manual guidance and WAAS ready. The Nav. 500 can be upgraded to View Point RTX GPS signal. Add the EZ Steer, EZ Pilot or EZ Pilot Pro steering system. You can also add Field IQ for flow and application control use for running sprayers, planters and fertilizer spreaders. Using the Precision IQ app allows for task controller and UT options. All the above do require a one time license to add feature. The ViewPoint RTX is annual subscription fee. The XCN-750 can be paired with the Nav. 900 for more GPS and steering options. Remote Support is possible with internet connection.

  • display XCN1050

    TRIMBLE XCN - 1050

    The XCN-1050 is midrange display and covers most of what you will need to do in your fields right now and allow you room to grow down the road. This comes as a complete kit for manual guidance. The Nav. 900 is a very advanced receiver that is performing exceptionally well in the field. A larger screen and a tablet based system with apps and WiFi capability. Adding the EZ Pilot steering system makes a tractor even if older and not guidance ready have auto steer like a new tractor from the factory. It will also plug into new tractor and steer them very accurately making for a simple operated display with ability to complete your turns on the end of row with Next Swath. You can also operate sprayers and planters with automatic section controls and rate / product control for up to 4 products. Adding ISOBUS allows for other options down the road. You can also control dry fertilizer spreader and manure spreaders with prescription application capability. The XCN-1050 can run WAAS, Rangepoint RTX, Centerpoint RTX, and our PLM RTK+ signal along with X-Fill.

  • display XCN2050

    TRIMBLE XCN-2050

    This is the top of the line display and does more than the previous mentioned displays and is larger in size. Being a tablet: based display its features allow for room to grow. Adding the EZ-Steer, EZ-Pilot or Autopilot is very flexible in steering a tractor that is not guidance ready or a newer tractor with factory guidance. It will do end of row turning with Next Swath. You can operate sprayers and planters with automatic section controls and rate controls. The 2050 can control up to 6 products at one time making it a good fit for planters. Population monitoring of seed rate, singulation, doubles, skips and seed spacing. Ability to do ISO BUS implements. You can control dry fertilizer and manure spreaders. You can gather yield information in a combine or chopper with yield monitoring system. Implement guidance keeping your implement on your guidance line while allowing tractor to steer offline when needed. Add water management capability. The 2050 can run WAAS, Rangepoint RTX, Centerpoint RTX and PLM RTK+ signal along with X-Fill. Allow for remote support with addition on WiFi dongle. Has ability to add a 2nd GPS receiver.

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